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  1. As promised we are now heading into some purely GPP territory…things may feel quite random for a while…constantly varied high intensity functional movement…
  2. Do not miss out on next weekend’s Movement Hackers Workshop…reserve you spots through MindBody by first heading to the Online Store and selecting “Movement Hackers Workshop”

This Week’s Workouts


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The idea this week is to stay away from heavy loads. We want to stay in “flow” i.e. internal torque i.e. parasympathetic nervous system i.e. cyclical movement and rhythmic breathing…get the idea. You should not at any point be stopping to break up reps etc…that would mean your ego got the better of you. Every workout should feel like a cyclical workout.

What is a cyclical workout?

These are meant to feel like a better warm-up, but you will realize that there will actually be a lot of work/reps accomplished. We want to trigger the parasympathetic side of your CNS and if you have a hard time counting reps, you are doing it right :) No worries. It is not about the reps you do, but instead learning to raise awareness through proper breathing and using primarily the IT torque chain.


Maintain nasal inhalation on the eccentric and exhalation on the concentric. Breathe heavy in the transition between exercises – so inhale and exhale through your mouth. Go back to the cyclical breathing pattern as soon as you start the upcoming movement.


Stay in your range of motion. Let your inhalation decide when you stop the movement. So once you stop inhaling through your nose that’s it. No more ROM after that. No pausing during to movement either at the bottom or at the top. Think about sitting on a bike and doing a continuous smooth movement.

Move with your breath and adjust your pace accordingly.

This Week’s Workouts


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A. Testing Week

I was very happy to hear that some folks managed their first pull ups in the past week. Now, do not let that achievement and all that effort go to waste by neglecting your  craft. Continue to put some work in every day (that is if it is important to you)…even 5 min pre- or post-WOD will get you even further.

The idea this week is to get some data for each individual to place themselves on our Athlete Development Chart. Going forward we will be quite systematic about tracking our fitness progress heading into the next Open season.

B. Tracking Your Progress

Attached is a spreadsheet to help us in said endeavour. Download the XLS and over time start to input the necessary data into the blue font cells. Delete the cells for which you have no data (currently my data populates each cell for illustrative purposes…from it you can tell that I would need to focus more on Metcons and Weightlifting at the expense of Gymnastics and Monostructural in order to improve my fitness).

As mentioned before we will be heading into a period where we really prioritize your General Physical Preparedness…i.e. classic CrossFit…no specific strength or skill program/cycle just constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement. On this journey we will track our numbers in order to highlight any areas that need further development when we head back into the next skill/strength cycle.

C. Movement Hackers: London Movement and Mobility Hackathon 25/26 August at CrossFit GongFu

Save this date for your diaries if you want to learn the fundamentals of human movement and mobility. If you want to learn how to truly make your body loose, supple and mobile then do not miss this. Also if you are in pain or feel stiff for one reason or the other make sure to register your interest.

This Week’s Workouts

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