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Activation / Opener:

(A) External Obliques Opener
1 min on, 1 min off for 2 rounds

(B) External Obliques Opener (Leg Raise Variation)…it is quite likely that only 1-3 reps are possible here if it is done correctly…the point is to keep that kettlebell pushed up as high as possible…as soon as it dips (i.e. loss of tension), you have reached your end-range.

Strength / Skill:

Anderson Squats & Box Jump

We are going for around 5 rounds of 5 reps on the Squats looking for explosive power. After each set of squats you will perform 5 Box Jumps to at least 30/24″

Focus points are:
● This exercise will allow us to train the squat pattern (think jumping).
● The bar should be set up in a way that, at the beginning of the lift, your hips are above parallel.Here
is the demo vid:
● This movement is all external torque so you are looking to engage your glute medius, internal
obliques, outside hamstring & quads to the max.

Work Capacity:

3 rounds for time of:
250m row + Max Effort MB FRONT Squats
Rest 1:1 between rounds

Sounds simple and hurts like hell. Start off with a blistering pace and try to maintain it throughout the 250m.

Straight into:

MB Front Squats (Or KB Goblet-hold)
Hold the MB in a front rack position with your hands underneath it. Choose a weight that will allow you to perform 10-15 reps. We said max effort, so if you can, bang an extra rep or two. You will obviously do a bunch of reps, so I want you to stay in IT as much as you can. Load IT on the way down and all the way up to parallel. Don’t count reps for the sake of counting. Push yourself mentally to the limit (talk dirty to ya) while somebody watching should think you will never stop – showing perfect form and not defaulting to ET (overarching at the top). Muscle failure means you can’t complete your last rep. If you could do one more…

Finisher / Core / Accessory