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Activation / Opener:

(A) External Obliques Opener
1 min on, 1 min off for 2 rounds

(B) 2 sets of 5 reps of the Inner Hamstring Opener (Hinge) with your eyes shut

Strength / Skill:

Paused Deadlifts (no shoes)
Work your way up to a challenging 5 reps with the concentric portion of the move done for the count of 5 seconds.
Key points are:
• Do NOT relax at the bottom, keep as much tension in the glutes and
hamstrings as possible.
• Engage your external obliques as hard as possible throughout the
•This requires a GREAT deal of focus…I see too many people just zoning out when they move…

Work Capacity:

Dimmel Deadlift & ME Wall Balls
2 sets TO FAILURE- give it all you got
No more than 3 minutes rest between sets
Dimmel Deadlift (+15 reps)
Grab 2 dumbbells or Kettlebells. Start about mid shin and do a partial deadlift to about mid-thigh. Don’t fully lock out on top. Focus on keeping IT on all the time. This is Internal Torque so you should NOT feel your lumbar spine at all. I want you to focus all your might on your external obliques (and transverse) just like when you are doing the External Obliques Opener.
Straight into:

Wall Balls
You will obviously do a bunch of reps, so I want you to stay in IT as much as you can. Load
IT on the way down and all the way up to parallel. Don’t count reps for the sake of counting.
Push yourself mentally to the limit (talk dirty to ya) while somebody watching should think
you will never stop – showing perfect form and not defaulting to ET.

Finisher / Core / Accessory

Double-leg kick-backs x 100 reps