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Accessory / Activation / Opener:

Three super-sets of:
Landmine Rows x 6 reps
(look for engagement in you lower lats)
KB Floor Press
(lat engagement and internal torque on the push)

Strength / Skill:

A. Wide-Grip Strict Pull-ups 2 sets of max reps. When/if you can get to 8 reps STRICT, start adding weight. The point here is to find a width at which you cannot default to your traps and have to engage your latissimus dorsi to the max. The elbows are pointing toward the floor.

B. Super-set these with dips…you choose rings or matador but these will be done strict…again look for lat engagement and internal torque on the push.

Work Capacity:   

A. Box Squats
Key points are:
• Set up the box to above parallel.
• On the way down keep those external obliques engaged hard.
• Once you reach the bottom of the squat, rock back slightly while maintaining tension in those external obliques.
• Explode up. This is the crucial part and the whole point of the exercise. If you do this right, the weight will fly up in a very tight, compact movement. If it feels slow or the weight is taking you forward, you did not load the obliques properly.
• A medium stance is good on this, narrow if you prefer.
• Do these barefoot.

B. 1-Arm Press Work up to a max weight with a barbell for each arm.

Focus on the lats and pecs throughout this movement. On the descent, you should feel yourself almost cramping through your lats and ribs. If you don’t, try
harder. At the end of this movement, my lats feel like i just did lat pulldowns, and that’s the idea. This is a press on the way up, so create internal torque.

1-Arm Press seminar demo

1-Arm Press Julien

Finisher / Core / Accessory:

8 rounds EMOM:

20m banded partner sprints